Environmental Stewardship and Climate



Environmentally Sustainable

At CSE, we believe that environmental sustainability is more than a checklist or a buzzword – it’s an approach that must be implemented at every level.

We strive to integrate environmental duty of care into all business activities, from strategic planning to daily operations.

In addition to following all relevant legislation and government policy, we are committed to continuous improvement, working to meet the changing efficiency and sustainability demands of a developing world.

Incorporating Global Environmental Standards into Business Planning

We acknowledge our responsibility to set a precedent for our subsidiaries and peers and enable continuous improvement in environmental performance.

From our day to day operations, through to execution of major Tier 1 projects in Australia, New Zealand and beyond, CSE endeavours to integrate our environmental responsibility in all that we do.

The primary means of achieving this is through the ongoing education and upskilling of our vast employee base. From onboarding, CSE staff are equipped with internal resources and training that allows the business to meet environmental goals and objectives.

We are always seeking a better means of operating and reward forward thinkers who take the time to suggest where environmentally centric improvements can be made within our business.

Alliances with Likeminded Sustainability Leaders

CSE actively seeks to partner with those manufacturers and suppliers who demonstrate leadership and investment in research, technology, renewable energy technologies and ongoing energy efficiency improvements.

This extends further than providing a quality product, but also showing visibility in operations, proof of a transparent and ethical supply chain, and adherence to environmental management standards within their respective regions.

Through this approach at CSE, we attract reliable and trustworthy strategic supply partnerships that promote better environmental and social outcomes through the delivery of our solutions.

“CSE has an important role to play in taking the necessary steps to a greener, more sustainable energy and technological solutions market.

It is one thing to consider a business as ‘leading’ based upon turnover alone, but another to equally consider whether that same business is contributing to a larger purpose – ensuring the ethicality and longevity of the technologies that we invest in – so that growth can be made holistically as well.”

– Roy Rowe, CEO, CSE Global (ANZ)

Compliance and Documentation

The CSE sustainability pledge is embodied in a company wide environmental policy and environmental management system.
Customer facing documentation comes in the form of our Australia Pacific wide Environmental Policy. Within this policy, CSE provides information on the following:


    • Meeting ISO 14001 requirements to maintain an Environmental Management System (EMS)
    • Implementation of Acts, Regulations and Standards as applicable within the region
    • Conduct and report on environmental impact assessments and the implementation of environmental management programs or action plans
    • Develop methods to conserve resources and seek to prevent pollution before it is produced (forward planning methodology)
    • Provide environmental training and awareness programs to our employees

    ISO 14001 Certificate