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CSE Global Limited Annual Report 2021

13 Apr 2022

We are harnessing the strengths, expertise, adaptability, and synergies across the Group and moving forward with strength and resilience to capture opportunities in key and

CSE Global Limited Annual Report 2020

15 Apr 2021

At CSE Global, we are riding on momentum with our healthy orderbook and contribution from our new businesses.? As we raise our capabilities by expanding our skills and

CSE Global Limited Annual Report 2019

12 May 2020

2019 was yet another year of growth for CSE Global Limited (“CSE” or together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”). Our efforts at growing our businesses, both organically

CSE Global Limited Annual Report 2017

27 Apr 2018

The CSE Global Limited (CSE) 2017 Annual Report has been released. The CSE Group of companies has been very successful in 2017, offering cost effective, totally integrated

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Industry-leading Motorola body-cams showcased to a national audience

With retail and frontline workers facing increasingly aggressive and abusive behaviour from customers, CSE Australia is working to make a positive difference to worker safety. Our

Acquisition of wireless communications business in New South Wales

CSE Crosscom (‘Crosscom’ or the ‘Company’) a business of CSE Global (SGX: 544) is pleased to announce its acquisition of General Communications Pty Ltd (Gencom), a New

Acquisition of communications business in South Australia

We are pleased to announce that CSE Crosscom has acquired Gambier Electronics in South Australia. Gambier Electronics has been operating in the southeast corner of South Australia

Acquisition of communications business in Tasmania

We are pleased to announce that CSE Crosscom has acquired Marcom Watson based in Launceston Tasmania. Marcom Watson (originally Marine Communications) commenced operations in

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