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CSE Uniserve expands renewable energy capabilities with acquisition of Australian energy innovators, Linked Group Services.

CSE is pleased to announce the acquisition of Linked Group Services, a Queensland-based energy solutions company by its subsidiary CSE Uniserve.

CSE, the Australian and New Zealand division of CSE Global, welcomes this newest acquisition, further expanding CSE Uniserve’s renewable energy capabilities, empowering customers to gain control over their energy, and reducing carbon footprint and energy expenses.

Specialising in the supply and installation of commercial solar energy solutions, Linked Group Services turns existing commercial spaces into sustainable power sources. With an expert range of renewable energy solutions, including the expansive and entirely off-grid complex, Linked Group Services has established itself as Australia’s leading provider of renewable energy solutions to the mining and resources, construction, agricultural and government sectors.

Linked Group Services has driven success for customers through local fabrication and the delivery of innovative, tailored sustainable energy and diversification solutions, supporting CSE Uniserve’s strategic growth and complementing current business.

Linked Group Services Managing Director, Jason Sharam, said, “Linked Group Services has always been committed to transforming commercial spaces into sustainable power hubs and providing remote power solutions. By aligning ourselves with CSE Uniserve, we are well-positioned to bring innovation and tailored solutions to a wider audience and further contribute to the sustainable energy transition in Australia and New Zealand. We are excited to embark on this journey with CSE Uniserve.”

CSE Uniserve continues to forge its leadership in energy solutions and integration across Australia and New Zealand.

CSE Uniserve General Manager, Tony Smoljko, shared, “We are proud to welcome Linked Group Services to CSE Uniserve and further expand our expertise and capabilities across the renewables sector. As a leader in energy solutions and integration across Australia and New Zealand, this strategic acquisition aligns with our commitment to innovation and fostering growth for our customers’ success.”

Partnering with world-leading manufacturers, CSE Uniserve delivers the systems, equipment and infrastructure to meet the demands of power system protection and automation, asset monitoring, motor starting and control, and data management applications, to optimise operations and enhance safety.

This acquisition will leverage Linked Group Services’ knowledge in sustainability and energy diversity, and connect the company with CSE Uniserve’s internationally recognised solutions, innovation, and expertise.

“As CSE continues to shape the future of integrated Communications, Security and Energy solutions in Australia and New Zealand, Linked Group Services is a welcome addition to CSE Uniserve. With our experience in acquisitions, we know connecting Linked Group Services with CSE Uniserve and our globally accredited solutions, will drive success for both companies and our customers”, said Roy Rowe, Chief Executive Officer – CSE.

Supported by CSE, CSE Uniserve maintains a clear growth strategy, with an agile approach to solutions and integration, and Linked Group Services will be a valued addition to CSE Uniserve and the CSE group.

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