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Industry-leading Motorola body-cams showcased to a national audience

With retail and frontline workers facing increasingly aggressive and abusive behaviour from customers, CSE Australia is working to make a positive difference to worker safety.

Our superior expertise in this field was showcased to a national audience earlier this month, with Channel Nine’s TODAY show featuring a news story on how our body-worn cameras can help protect retail workers.

CSE Crosscom is a platinum partner of Motorola Solutions and proudly stocks the entire Motorola Solutions Body Worn Camera range, which features products suitable for every application and budget.

CSE Crosscom’s Innovation Solutions Manager provided a demonstration of how this versatile and easy-to use-the technology works, highlighting several key features including staff activated recording and a front-facing red light to let customers know they are being recorded which can de-escalate the situation.

The body cams are paired with an ear piece,  allowing workers to call for help, with footage able to be live-streamed to control room personnel in real time.

Retail workers are facing increasingly aggressive and abusive behaviour from customers. According to a recent survey by the National Retailers Association, approximately 85% of workers reported receiving abuse from customers in the past 12 months.

These types of incidents can lead to long terms impacts on staff including anxiety, stress and depression. It is also a leading cause of staff absenteeism and reduced morale, contributing to greater staff turnover.

This rise in aggression has led to an increase in body-worn cameras being used in retail environments both across Australia and overseas, providing greater transparency and safety in interactions between workers and the public.

Want to know more about our body-cam range? Reach out to a CSE representative.