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Acquisition of communications business in South Australia

We are pleased to announce that CSE Crosscom has acquired Gambier Electronics in South Australia.

Gambier Electronics has been operating in the southeast corner of South Australia for 29 years – established in 1992 by Andrew and Janelle Birks. The company provides radios, radio systems and service support. It also has a small network of seven towers.

Gambier is the largest provider in the region and has won technical support contracts for SAGRN and emergency services, as well as Nokia and Ericsson, for the local cellular and broadband wireless sites.

The company principally deals business-to-business, but through their local presence in Mount Gambier, do retail sales of radio equipment selling Tait, Simoco, GME as well as Motorola.

Andrew Birks will remain with the group and will report into the South Australian branch of CSE Crosscom.

Please join me in welcoming Gambier Electronics to CSE.

For more information, visit their website.