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Tetracom has joined the CSE Global group of companies

We are pleased to announce that as of Friday, 1 July 2016 Tetracom has joined the CSE Global group of companies through a business acquisition. This acquisition provides a great opportunity for South Australia as the additional resources available to the Tetracom business will result in a greater capacity to service larger and more diverse communication contracts.

Tetracom started from humble beginnings in 1995 with an office of one being a state distributor for Phillips Communications. As the business grew, Phillips Communications left the market and Tetracom became a distributor of other leading suppliers such as Tait Communications, Motorola Solutions and Icom among others. The company has grown over the past 20 years to include 20 specialised staff and also acquired the communications division of Broadspectrum in January 2016.

This is an exciting time for CSE, Tetracom and for the radio communications industry!